Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 7 from Clary

It’s our last day at the worksite and it’s obvious that everyone is exhausted. Looking down the breakfast table this morning, I saw all tired faces with the exception of Karley who had 3 cups of coffee before 9:00 am.
To back up a little bit, yesterday the group continued pouring concrete in the morning while some of us sat in our “knitting circle” to cut the wire ties for rebar. After lunch, the entire team headed to the church for our last VBS. =( The chaos began as soon as we drove up! The craft for the day consisted of a popsicle stick picture frame decorated with crayons and sticky foam stars which we filled with pictures of the kids. Immediately after arriving, we began taking pictures of the kids and giving them numbers. Upstairs, we had four camera printers set up and we ran back and forth trying to get them printed before craft actually began. After a crazy two hours, every single kid successfully left with a framed picture of themselves and a goody bag!
For dinner we went to the food court at a local mall. The mall made quite an impression as we soon came to realize that it is significantly nicer than the ones in the US. It felt very out of place in the middle of the inner city and the poverty we’ve been working with.
That night I experienced the craziest thunder and lightning rain storm of my life! It was awesome! Only the fact that we were utterly exhausted allowed us to begin to fall asleep. Lightning was lighting up rooms and the thunder felt as though it was shaking the hotel.
Today we had our last breakfast at the site and finished up our portion of work here. For lunch we are all splitting up into groups of two and going to different houses around the village. The general attitude seems to be that of nervousness. Luckily, I am paired with Andrea who speaks fluent Spanish but I feel bad for Karley and Mr. Marty, neither of which know Spanish very well and are paired together.
Tonight we will go to the goodbye church service and tomorrow we head to the lake. This trip has been amazing but after two and a half weeks, I’m ready to be home. =)
We are thankful for all your continuous prayers and look forward to seeing everyone in a few days. =D

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