Friday, April 17, 2009

Raising Support

Prayer support is one of the most important aspects of this mission. We are also raising money for the construction work and children’s program. If you are interested in supporting us in prayer, please let us know. If you would like to contribute to the trip financially, you can make an online contribution to the Guatemala 2009 team by following these steps:

1. Visit and click on the "Online Giving " link found above the church’s logo in the upper left corner. Fill out all information on the payment form. Select "Special Designation" from the pull down menu to the right of the amount field. Click the "Submit" button.

2. All contributions must be specially designated via email. After submitting your payment, from the confirmation screen click on the "email" link to designate your contribution for the individual raising support. Your email will go to Deb Stacey at Occasionally, the "Send" button is not visible due to the pop-up window size. If you experience this, please be sure to expand the size of the window by clicking and dragging on the corner of the window.

In the designation email:

1. Make the Subject Line: "Guatemala 2009-Special Designation".
2. In the email body: restate the amount of the contribution and whether it is for General Support, a specific individual going on the trip, or the Children's Program.

Any donations received after July 27 will go toward future church mission endeavors. Thank you for joining us on this important mission!

Children's Program

Bible Program
Conducted in Spanish by the local Partnership Ministries staff, the bible program is put on for the community we're serving in. Open to all children in the community, we can get up to 200 or more kids gathered for the program that includes songs, puppets, and a bible lesson. After the lesson, we conduct a craft time for the children.

It's a great deal of fun for all involved!